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Prospero's Daughter

Rec: Christmas Cutaway

Story: Christmas Cutaway
Author: Calapine
Rating: all ages
Word Count: 1232
Characters/pairings: Eighth Doctor, Grace Holloway
Author's summary: Too much sugar in your tea: the Doctor and Grace at Christmas

Recced because: We could all use some Christmas-themed fluff at Christmas. This one is actually as thoughtful as it is cozy, being a conversation over Christmas dinner between Eight and Grace. (The author lists it as romance, and there's a small kiss, but there's nothing especially shippy about it, and it could easily be read as platonic too.) They talk about silly things and serious things, and the third-person present tense gives us Grace's down-to-earth POV, but with a somewhat dreamy quality, which works well for a story featuring the dreamy, enigmatic Eighth Doctor. A nice stand-alone vignette to warm a winter evening.

"I thought Santa had a list," she says.

The Doctor rocks back on his heels and looks at her thoughtfully.

"I used to think he existed, you know."

She feigns a shocked expression. "Doctor, what are you saying?"

"It was rather exciting at first," he continues. "Another Time Lord living on Earth and giving out presents to everyone every year. I used to wonder how he managed to attach reindeer to his TARDIS."

"You're not serious?"

"Oh, well, I realized my mistake soon enough," he says, with a slightly embarrassed smile. "Still, it was nice for a while."
Tags: author: calapine, companion: grace, doctor: 8, pairing: 8/grace, rating: all ages, reccer: newmoonstar, type: het

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