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rec: in a dim light, by Branwyn

Story: in a dim light
Author: Branwyn
Rating: general
Word Count: 799
Author's Summary: Romana is a slave of the Daleks, and the Doctor is a nightmare incarnate.
Characters/Pairings: Four, Romana
Warnings: none.

Recced because:
Another character study, also in the context of a confinement (get the feeling I have a soft spot for these?).  I love how the author captures that way Four and Romana have of conversing in calm, measured tones -- that lightness in the dialogue, no matter what the situation. It’s that British impassiveness, that stiff upper lip carried to the nth degree, that just makes the emotion and the connection come through all the more, and the effect is heartrending. (Note: I only just discovered before posting that this is based on a Big Finish audio, The Apocalypse Element. It’s fascinating and quite readable without knowing that, though.)
Tags: author: branwyn, companion: romana ii, doctor: 4, rating: all ages, reccer: parrotfish, type: gen

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