dbskyler (dbskyler) wrote in calufrax,

rec: karaoke, by koshiroryuu

Story: Karaoke
Author: koshiroryuu
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 345
Author's Summary: Martha, Donna, Sarah Jane and the Doctor go to a karaoke bar. It seemed like such a good idea at the time.
Characters/Pairings: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith
Warnings: None

Recced because: Ten takes Donna and Martha to meet Sarah Jane, and they all end up in a karaoke bar. It's a little bit of silly and a whole lot of fun, and what better reason could there be for a rec, really?

And, yeah, Martha and Donna and Sarah Jane had got on fabulously! Very fabulously! Possibly too fabulously, actually, in the Doctor's esteemed opinion.
Tags: author: koshiroryuu, companion: donna, companion: martha, companion: sarah, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: dbskyler, type: gen
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