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Rec: Gymnophoria: Take One by Culumacilinte

Story: Gymnophoria: Take One
Author: Culumacilinte
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1256 words
Author's Summary: She knows intimately the sensation of a pair of eyes trained on her; the awful, crawling knowledge that someone is staring at her, imagining her naked, imagining doing more than just looking.
Characters/Pairings: The Sixth Doctor, Peri Brown
Warnings: Discussion of sexual harassment, and references to the implied sexual abuse of a minor.

Recced because: I’m re-watching old Who at the moment and just finished Mindwarp. I quite like Peri, but I dislike her being made into a perpetual sex object. This fic deals with how Peri feels about all these guys fawning over her and makes a great job describing it. I also enjoy Six showing his caring side.

The Doctor’s expression contorts like he wants to say something, but now she’s started, Peri can’t quite seem to stop.

‘And I can’t– you go– striding around getting threatened left and right, and it never bothers you, but I just– it’s just that. I can deal fine with… danger and peril and all that. I could shout at the Master just fine,’ she laughs a little hysterically at the memory, ‘but they start looking at me like that, and I just, it makes me feel–’ She shudders, hugging herself briefly, fingernails digging into her biceps as a fresh wave of tears momentarily blinds her. ‘It’s not fair! I got enough of that on Earth, and here I am– travelling the stars, and they can still do that to me. I hate it, Doctor. I really, really hate it.’

And then she’s left standing there, the tears still coming, face screwed up and half hidden behind her hair, one hand clutching hard at her own arm. No more words seem to be forthcoming. The Doctor lets out a breath that sounds like it’s been held for some time. When Peri looks up at him, he’s wearing an expression she hasn’t quite seen before; it’s in part familiar, the look he always gets when confronted with people hurting, wrongs that need writing, but it’s much more– lost than she’s ever seen, uncomfortably uncertain.

‘Oh, Peri. My dear, dear girl.’ He takes a step forward, hands lifted, and then pauses. ‘Is a hug acceptable, under the circumstances?’
Tags: author: culumacilinte, companion: peri, doctor: 6, pairing: 6/peri, rating: teen, reccer: scripsi, type: gen

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