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Rec: Terms of Employment by Aeshna

Story: Terms of Employment
Author: Aeshna
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 7098
Charcters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Harriet Jones
Author's Summary:"We'll survive. History's not done with you yet, and me... well, I always have before. Don't see why this time should be any different." Written some months before the Torchwood s1 premiere.

recced because: I do love origin stories, especially origin stories for how Jack ends up at Torchwood. Now this one is completely in AU-land thanks to Frangments, but what an AU it is. It's got a perfect Jack characterisation, perfect Harriet Jones and a lot of hard truths being examined between them both. Neither are perfect characters, but neither is the Doctor who brought them both to this point. It's a lovely examination of what could have been.

"Don't give up, Jack." Harriet leaned forward in her seat, her expression earnest. "I don't have a clue what it is that you do with the Doctor, other than try to blow holes in my capital cities, but Rose is still the same, after all, even if he isn't. There's always hope, always. Remember that."

He was silent for a few moments, then chuckled softly, without humour. "That's rich coming from the woman who's just sitting back and watching her career get flushed down the pan."

Harriet recoiled as if slapped. "I hardly think that —"

"What? The Doctor is allowed to ruin your life but not mine?" His eyes met hers, his gaze challenging. "I got left behind — you don't have to be."

Tags: author: aeshna, character: harriet jones, companion: jack, rating: all ages, reccer: dark_aegis, type: gen

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