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Rec: 'Auntie Jo's Cosmic Jumble Sale (and Guide to Civil Disobedience)' by MinervaFan

Squeezing in one last rec before my reccing period ends tonight! Hope you've had as much fun reading all these great fics as I have!

Title: Auntie Jo's Cosmic Jumble Sale (and Guide to Civil Disobedience)
Author: MinervaFan
Rating: all ages
Word count: 740
Characters: Jo Grant (with mentions of many more)
Author's summary: Jo Grant Jones has been grounded, but that's not going to slow her down. Explore her wacky view of the universe on her brand new blog.
Warnings: none

Recced because: I recently watched Jo's last TV serial, and the feels hit me hard. So, like many fans, I turned to Teaspoon to help me over the hump, and this delightful little ficlet put a smile on my face right away. I love the idea of Jo cheerfully embracing the digital age in her later years, and maintaining her indomitable optimism, energy, and caring, while crusading for the cause of the planet she calls home, with the help of many friends and family along the way. This one had me cheering: "Shine on forever, Jo!!!"
Tags: author: minervafan, companion: jo, rating: all ages, reccer: newmoonstar, type: gen

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