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Rec: One Out of Three Isn't Bad, by Daystar Searcher

Title: One Out of Three Isn't Bad
Author: Daystar Searcher
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 696
Author's Summary: Missy decides to go back in time and seduce Three's companions. It doesn't entirely go as expected.
Characters/Pairings: Jo Grant, Liz Shaw, Sarah Jane Smith, Missy
Warnings: Explicit Sex

Recc'ed Because: Because of course Missy would decide to go back to her old stomping grounds in an attempt to overpower and entrance the Doctor's old companions. And it goes about as well as you'd expect. This short little story has perfect character voices and is equal parts sexy and hilarious and yes, because it's Missy, also a tiny bit chilling.


Missy lingered in the shadows outside the laboratory door. Dear, dedicated Dr. Shaw, working so late, all alone…

Missy savored the moment, a lioness flexing her claws in the second before the strike. Liz’s brow was furrowed in such adorable concentration, the light sparkling golden highlights in her red hair, one curl escaping to brush against soft lips barely parted… The light sparkled in her eyes as well, and as she bent closer to the complex mechanism on the lab table, her tight violet miniskirt rode further up her legs, revealing smooth, pale skin over toned thighs that were just begging for the touch of the Mistress’ lips and tongue. She could already hear the way the Doctor’s little pet would be begging for release–

And then Liz made an unforgivable mistake.
Tags: author: daystar searcher, character: missy, companion: jo, companion: liz, companion: sarah, pairing:missy/jo, pairing:missy/liz, rating: adult, reccer: eve11, type: femslash

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