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Rec: Hitch in the Proceedings by vvj5

Title: Hitch in the Proceedings
Author: vvj5
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 560
Author's Summary: Seven, Ace, a mysterious alien rite, and sadly no explosions.
Characters/Pairings: Seven, Ace
Warnings: none

Recc'ed Because: This one made me smile. Sometimes, even Ace and the Professor can't avoid the trappings of domesticity. But they can surely run as fast and far from it as they can. With lost_spook's usual winning dialogue and style, this one is short but sweet and quite a lot of fun.

"So, what was all that weird chanting about?" asked Ace, as she and the Doctor legged it out of the temple, leaving behind them a building with a hole in it and some more than usually pissed off blokes in dodgy robes. "I thought I was about to get sacrificed like in one of those dead cheesy horror films. Still, at least I socked that Mardar bloke one before he could get the knife in."

"Er, yes," the Doctor said, "and just as he was wishing us many blessings for our new life together, too."
Tags: author: vvj5, companion: ace, doctor: 7, rating: all ages, reccer: eve11, type: gen

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