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Rec: She First Spotted Him in Malachite and Vases

Hello! I’m your reccer for the next two weeks. i hope you will enjoy the fics!

Title: She First Spotted Him in Malachite and Vases
Author: annariel
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1869
Author's Summary: River Song chances upon the First Doctor at the Great Exhibition of 1851.
Characters/Pairings: First Doctor, River Song
Warnings: None

Recc'ed Because: I have a special fondness for stories where River meets past regenerations. I am sure she would see the Doctor out. This story is so charming and the Doctor gets charmed too, while still being much himself. And River is her usual flirty self, ready for some adventure. Then throw in a Armelian Neutron Manipulator in the mix… It’s good fun, but with a touch of sadness too, as is fitting in a story with River Song.

As he moved along peering at one thing or another he muttered about history or exclaimed in delight at the novel and ingenious. The woman had been following him for a while, a strangely indulgent expression on her face. Although she glanced at the exhibits her eyes were more frequently upon the man and the tip of her umbrella tapped distractedly on the wooden floor as she dodged in and out of the Sunday crowd. Her dress was a deep dark red and abundant straw coloured curls were piled up on top of her head under a small black hat placed at an angle which was not quite coquettish, but not quite respectable either. She had dressed to be seen rather than to be discreet.

Then, without warning, she lost him. Standing quietly still, she turned swiftly on the spot, red satin skirts sweeping across the floor. The umbrella lifted until it came to rest across her shoulder.

"And why are you following me, hmmm?"

She didn't jump or start at the voice in her ear. She simply smiled, enigmatic and enticing.
Tags: author: annariel, character: river song, doctor: 1, rating: all ages, reccer: scripsi, type: gen

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