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rec: Resting Upon Human Offspring

This is my last day! I hope you enjoyed the stories!

Story: Resting Upon Human Offspring
Author: PhoenixDragon
Rating: all ages
Word Count: 3,998
Author's Summary: “Greetings human scum,” the person-thing barked in a booming, nasally voice. “I have come to rest upon your offspring."
Characters/Pairings: Craig Owens, Strax, The Doctor
Warnings: None

Recced because: This story is not only clever, but also very entertaining, and I really enjoyed the focus on side characters like Craig and Strax with the Doctor more of a presence in the background. Great job to the author for this cute idea of bringing these characters together. Through the whole fic you almost have crazy expectations for the event, and you can feel Craig's anxiety on the matter, but I found the ending very satisfying and perfect. I definitely wanted to rec this last because it's a nice, light-hearted and funny piece that I know you'll enjoy!
Tags: author: phoenixdragon, character: craig owens, character: strax, doctor:11, rating: all ages, reccer: paynesgrey, type: gen

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