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rec: memories and mesmers

This week has been incredibly fun for me, so I figured I should end it with a rec for a story that is made of fun.

Story: Memories and Mesmers
Author: Paranoid Seat
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 7507
Author's Summary: She's a sceptical scientist missing some memories. She's a street-smart Time Lady who's rather good at cards. They fight... pirates.
Characters/Pairings: Romana II/Liz Shaw
Warnings: nope.

Recced because: I originally read this story on LJ and was so psyched when I saw that the author had posted it on teaspoon. Like I said, this piece is just straight up fun. I never would have considered Romana/Liz, but purple_bug makes it work brilliantly. The voices are spot-on, and the joy is absolutely infectious. It's a raucous good time and it's fabulous how much Romana and Liz clearly enjoy both each other and the adventures they get into. Reading this the first time had me grinning from ear to ear and it just gets better with each re-visit.

It was probably rather lucky that she had grown used to being shackled to walls, even if it had been a while since she’d last had the pleasure. Diverting the flow of blood against gravity to elevated limbs was much easier when one had had plenty of practice. Unfortunately, her companion did not share this ability.

“You know, this isn’t very easy when your fingers have gone all tingly.”

As it was only semi-dark, Romana could see Liz fumbling frustratedly with the manacles around her wrists as a high-pitched humming filled the cell. The large metallic hairclip she held in one hand clinked as she impatiently tapped it against the cuff, until the heavy metal finally fell loose with a clang. With a sigh of relief and then one of resignation, she started on the other hand.

“Aren’t you glad now that I gave you that hairclip?”

“Oh very. Hardly a day’s gone past when I haven’t thought, ‘I hope I get manacled to a wall soon so I can try out this new gadget.’”

“There’s no need to be sarcastic,” Romana told her with a smile.

“Oh, there’s every need, Romana.” With a final whine and clunk, the second cuff fell open. “Ah, that’s better.” She rubbed at her wrists and winced. “Blood’s rushing back.”

“Hurry up, I only made one of those.”

Standing up stiffly, Liz stretched before crossing the small cell and standing in front of her friend, looking down at her with a smile on her face.

“Now, this looks quite familiar, don’t you think?”

Romana arched an eyebrow at her, not without amusement. It was true that she hadn’t been shackled to a wall in a good long while, but that’s not to say that cuffs had been completely absent from her recent activities.

“Liz, perhaps this isn’t the best situation. Pirate spaceships aren’t the comfiest of places.”

“I wasn’t serious,” Liz replied with a laugh, crouching down to put her gadget to work on Romana’s cuffs. Her skirt rode up as she did so, affording Romana a better view of her companion’s legs. Her attention was noticed, drawing another short laugh and a much more telling blush.
Tags: author: paranoid seat, companion: liz, companion: romana ii, pairing:liz/romana ii, rating: all ages, reccer: elyssadc, type: femslash

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