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The Number by Shivver

Story: The Number
Author: Shivver
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 2128
Author's Summary: When Clara needs help with her computer to connect to the Internet, she calls a help line. But where did she get that phone number from?
Characters/Pairings: Clara Oswin Oswald, Other Character(s)
Warnings: Missing Scene

Recced because: I love this author's work. She is another writer who has a tendency to see things we all miss and just run with it - and she runs well! This was inspired by Clara's address and by the phone number that was given to her by someone that led to her adventures with a certain time traveler we all know and love. There aren't many fics out there that tackled this idea. And of the ones that do, there are very few who do so with such style, imagination and fun! To sweeten the deal, there is a surprise character that I know a lot of you love and will make this fiction even more enjoyable than ever. This fiction is set at two different times - before the call and after...and it just rounds it off and makes the piece complete in a bittersweet, lovely way. This is a definite must-read for all! The answer, alas, has already been given on the show, but this was such a fun speculation, we'll dub it timey-wimey and call it 'alternate head-canon' (because it is just too perfect to NOT be head-canon!) I won't give too much away, but they say the first taste brings one back for more...

Tuesdays were always the worst day of the week. Most people hated Mondays because they were back at work or school and faced with a full week of drudgery. For Clara, Tuesdays were much worse, because it was the day before she might get a call from the Doctor. She loved her new job at Coal Hill School, but on Tuesdays, she spent the day wishing it would simply go away faster. Once school was over, she tended to hop on her motorcycle and ride far away, just for the thrill of traveling somewhere, anywhere.

Today, she found herself in Twickenham. She had had a notion of going to visit Artie and Angie, but when she got to the turnoff, she decided to keep going. Stowing her cycle in a parking lot, she wandered down a street lined with small shops and cafes and bubbling with pedestrians. Maybe she’d look for some Christmas presents for the two kids - she was running out of time for shopping. This certainly wasn’t as exciting as traveling in the TARDIS, but it had its own charms, ones that she never experienced with the Doctor.

See? So enticing! Now - and leave some love. And if you have the time, feel free to investigate her other works. They are well worth that time!

PhoenixDragon (aka Mandy)
Tags: author: shivver, companion: clara, companion: donna, rating: all ages, reccer: a_phoenixdragon, type: gen

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