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Rec: House Guest

Story: House Guest
Author: Gary Merchant
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 4141
Author's summary: Liz Shaw persuades the Doctor to go house hunting, with unexpected consequences.
Characters/Pairings: Third Doctor, Liz, Brigadier
Warnings: none

Recced because: Short adventure stories with accurate characterization aren't terribly common and neither is Third Doctor-era fic in general, with barely 200 stories currently posted at Teaspoon. So this one stood out to me. It's a nice little piece centering on the Third Doctor and Liz. Believing the Doctor needs to set down more roots on Earth, Liz convinces him to buy a house that turns out be somewhat other than normal; an enjoyable mystery ensues.

That damned police box of his! Yes, Liz knew about the impossible interior — she’d even been inside a couple of times. The first time was just to humour the Doctor, and that was when she was forced to accept his claims of being from another world. But even so… “Doctor, you treat that TARDIS of yours as a home.”

“Well, it has been my home for a number of years,” he agreed.

“But that’s the point I’ve been trying to make,” she said. “Earth is your home now, at least for the immediate future. And by staying inside the TARDIS, it’s as if you’re hiding away from the world.”

“Rubbish,” the Doctor rallied. “Since Lethbridge Stewart put me up for membership at his club, I’ve spent a number of enjoyable evenings there.”

“And where do you go after that?” Liz asked, innocently.

“Well…” he hesitated, caught in her trap. “The TARDIS.” He seemed rather shamefaced at the realisation. “I suppose you’re right, I have been shutting myself away recently.”
Tags: author: gary merchant, character: brigadier lethbridge-stewart, companion: liz, doctor: 3, rating: all ages, reccer: ghost2, type: gen

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