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Calufrax housekeeping

It's been a while since we were active, which is entirely my fault. (I plead "2016," which isn't an excuse, but is an explanation I suspect most of you will understand.) We are of course out of reccers and need people to sign up -- but before I get to that, let's talk about what happened to LJ at the very end of the year.

In case you haven't already heard, LiveJournal has moved all its servers to Russia, and you can no longer browse the site using HTTPS URLs. Because of this, along with the rumors that dissident accounts are being purged -- and the absolute fact that eliminating HTTPS browsing opens LJ up to easy spying regardless of whether you have server access -- people are again migrating to Dreamwidth. This could eventually cause a tipping point where SUP simply can't afford to keep LJ running, and the service disappears entirely.

While I'm not yet deleting my LJ account, I am turning off comments on it so as not to expose my friends to the spying -- and I'm also wondering whether calufrax community members would be interested in moving to Dreamwidth. I can import the entire comm over there, so we would lose none of our archives, and even those without Dreamwidth accounts would be able to comment via OpenID. (And possibly post as well!)

Thus, I'd like to get input from community members. A few notes before you cast your vote:

  • While we cannot automatically crosspost calufrax entries from Dreamwidth to LJ, I am willing to manually crosspost them and tag them, at least for a little while.

  • Our Tumblr mirror at will continue.

  • Any change we make will not be immediate, if only because if we move, I need to work with Teaspoon's engineer to update the script that posts comm recs to the Teaspoon home page. (It could be a five-minute change; it could be a bigger one. I didn't write the script, so I don't know.)

Poll #2060679 Calufrax location

Where should this community live?

Somewhere else I'll discuss in the comments

I will keep this poll open for two weeks.

With that out of the way: WE NEED RECCERS. Because this poll affects our location, and people need time to prep recs regardless, let's say that the first reccing slot will begin on January 30. If you want to rec, now's the time to volunteer -- and even if you don't feel like reccing, please do spread the word!

Thanks as always for your patience with me while I sort out these comm details. The comm is quite literally nothing without all of you.
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