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Calufrax is moving to Dreamwidth

Our poll results were conclusive: you voted 3:1 to move us to Dreamwidth. So, on February 27, we'll relaunch at, which is already restyled and fully imported with the LJ archives.

What happens next
  • Well, I need reccers, obviously, including one starting February 27. Please sign up over at Dreamwidth! Tell your friends!

  • To encourage more reccers, I am making a rule change: up to 50% of your recs may now be previously recced stories, provided they were recced at least two years ago. The Dreamwidth import preserved all original posting dates, so you'll still be able to tell how long it's been since your fave was recced.

  • Don't have a Dreamwidth account? No problem. They're free, and even if you don't feel like creating one, you can still join the comm via an OpenID-friendly service like LJ, Facebook, Twitter, etc.; you just won't be able to post anything other than comments on your own. You're still welcome to rec by emailing me your recs to post, so sign up today!

  • Don't want to use Dreamwidth, but still want to keep up with the comm? We'll continue to crosspost to Tumblr (once I reset my IFTTT recipe), and I've also set up an RSS feed you can subscribe to here on LJ: calufrax-dw. Just follow that feed to continue seeing posts from the comm.

Any questions? Let me know here or on Dreamwidth.
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