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rec: they came to norway to eat our brains

Story: They Came to Norway to Eat Our Brains
Author: Doyle @ Teaspoon / doyle_sb4 @ LJ
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5,266
Author's Summary: Post-Doomsday. The Torchwood base at Darlig ulv Stranden has a problem with zombies. Well, one zombie (suspected). And when the pictures come through in London, Rose is shocked to realise who it is.
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler/Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, Jake Simmonds
Warnings: None given - Should I give a non-warning for no actual zombies appearing in this fic?

Recced because: So, that one (suspected) zombie? Was dead when they found him, dead when he was brought to the morgue, got up and walked around, charmed a nurse into bringing him his coat, and--“What the hell’s he doing on the roof?” I literally laughed out loud at this fic's sparkling, snappy dialogue:

“So,” he said, leaning close, “parallel universe.”


“There another Rose around somewhere?” His grin didn’t just imply something filthy, it added colour illustrations.

“Yes.” She smacked his arm. “She’s got four legs and a wet nose.”


Mickey shushed them both and clamped his phone to his ear. “Sorry, what? Right. We’ve got to wait here till Jake gets the cameras,” he reported. “And he says can I ask if your head would grow back if somebody cut it off.”

“Yes. Don’t ask how I know.”

Also, the use of Rose the Yorkie is made of win.
Tags: author: doyle, character: jake simmonds, companion: jack, companion: mickey, companion: rose, pairing:jack/rose, rating: all ages, reccer: gwynevere1, type: het

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