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Rec: Necessity

Story: Necessity
Author:  KerrAvonsen
Rating:  All Ages
Word Count:  15,361
Author’s summary:  There is no Bad Wolf.  Rose has to get back to the Doctor the hard way.  (AU for “Parting of the Ways”)
Characters/Pairings: Rose Tyler, Ninth Doctor, Mickey Smith, Other
Warnings:  None.

Recommended because:  Rose Tyler doesn't need to be full of Time Vortex to be made of win.  This is the story of Rose saving the Doctor, Jack, and the future Earth in Parting of the Ways without becoming the Bad Wolf.  Rose gets back to the Doctor using ingenuity, perseverance, tough love, an undercover mission, and the power of rock and roll*.  It’s also an alternate resolution to Dalek, giving the Dalek that absorbed some of Rose’s DNA a path to freedom and redemption without death as well as a delightfully incongruous name.  I love this story for the originality of its concept, the excellent characterizations of Rose and her no-longer Dalek, the engaging plot, and the quirky humor. I recommend it to all who know the awesomeness of Rose Tyler or who are willing to be convinced.

*The role of the rock (pun intended) is rather indirect, but essential.

The TARDIS console room had a more lived-in look than it had when the Doctor had been there. A few sets of shelves were attached to the walls, a beanbag flopped on the floor, and a wheeled office chair stood by the console, a portable tool chest sitting beside it. A few strings of tinsel had been looped over the branches of the pillars, giving the room an incongruously festive air.

Rose sat down in the chair and switched on the screen hanging above it. "Might as well see if my taps are still working..." A conventional 21-st century keyboard had been wired into the console at that point, and Rose typed in a few commands. After a few seconds, the screen showed the same view that Melvin was looking at, many miles away; the security feeds for van Statten's secret base.

Rose smiled. "Like they say, most security breaches are an inside job."
Tags: author: kerravonsen, companion: mickey, companion: rose, doctor: 9, rating: all ages, reccer: tardis_stowaway, type: gen
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