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Rec: Back to Where You Once Belonged

 Story:  Back to Where You Once Belonged
Author:  sensiblecat
Rating:  All Ages
Word Count:  3,408
Author’s summary: It wasn’t 1913 that changed everything between them; it was 1969. Funny, that.
Characters/Pairings:  Tenth Doctor, Martha
Warnings:  None

Recommended because: I’m fascinated by the Doctor and Martha’s time in 1969 (what did the last of the Time Lords do with himself all day with no TARDIS?), and I like to believe that the version in this story is exactly what happened.  They have no money, it’s hot as hell, and there’s nothing to distract them from the problems of their relationship post HN/FoB. They're both out of their comfort zones.  The Doctor and Martha have to actually talk to each other.  The story does a wonderful job of probing the less pleasant aspects of their relationship and moving towards something healthier.  The author has a great feel for the characters’ voices and motivations. Thoughtful description evokes the grunginess of their life so well you can practically smell the sweat.

After all this time, she still felt as if she was on trial for good behaviour. Not that their life together right now seemed like one that it would break her heart to give up. But every time she caught herself wanting to complain, or treated herself to a bar of chocolate and didn’t share it with him, or pretended she hadn’t heard him when he asked how long it was until payday, she found herself wondering if Rose would have been different. Kinder. Better, just more fun. It would help, of course, if they could discuss it. But she knew him better than that.
Tags: author: sensiblecat, companion: martha, doctor:10, rating: all ages, reccer: tardis_stowaway, type: gen

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