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Rec: Almost--Not Quite--Maybe

Series:  Almost—Not Quite—Maybe
Author:  spantasmagoria
Rating:  Teen
Word Count:  7,609 for the whole series
Author’s Summary: After an accident on an alien planet, Jack and the Doctor end up as...roommates in the Doctor's skull.
Characters/Pairings:  Ninth Doctor/Rose, Jack
Warnings:  Crack! Also, discussion of sex.

Recommended because: 
Friday calls for crack!fic.  What better crack can there be than Nine/Rose crack with Jack playing matchmaker…while cohabiting the Doctor’s body?  “Almost—Not Quite—Maybe” is full of priceless moments.  There’s snappy dialog and zany situations.  The Doctor is grouchy, Rose is exasperated, and Jack is mischievous.  There’s Jackie and a game of Twister (but not at the same time).   Jack goes out on the town and decides he loves the 21st century.  Pranks are played.  spantasmagoria's great comic timing still makes me laugh with every reread.

*   *   *   *   *
Ever so slowly, Jack reached down and untied the foreign boots and slid them off. It wouldn’t do to make noise while attempting this. Next he yanked on the heavy boot socks and tucked them inside the shoes (worse still to end up being a naked man wearing socks–that just wasn’t hot), trying to wipe the grin off of his borrowed face. That would give the game away before they’d even begun. The Doctor just didn’t grin like that. Not like he was about to do something completely naughty.

He was doing it for the old codger’s good, after all. It wasn’t like Snooty, Alien, and Grumpy would ever get off his ass and go for it. So he was…helping. He’d get the Doctor’s foot in the door, as it were, going straight past that annoying part whereby the Doctor would fluster and flummox and fail to make his feeling, much less his intentions known.

Tags: author: spastasmagoria, companion: jack, companion: rose, doctor: 9, pairing: 9/rose, rating: teen, reccer: tardis_stowaway, type: het

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