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Rec: Simple Progressions

Hello all, I'm reccing this week! Except much in the way of slash, Fivey, and nattering about some guy named Fitz. Speaking of...

Story: Simple Progressions
Author: aces
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 5,094
Author's Summary: AU Doctor-Fitz reunion after the Earth Arc. "Maybe he’d gotten the TARDIS working and had already left the planet. Maybe he had no intention of keeping the meeting. Maybe he was angry at Fitz, because Fitz knew what he had done and he didn’t want anyone to remember."
Characters/Pairings: Fitz Kreiner, Eighth Doctor
Warnings: none

Recced because: Sometimes canon FAILS. There was a time during the EDAs when the Doctor spent over a century on Earth with nothing but a weird blue box and a mysterious note which read Meet me in St. Louis. 8 February 2001. Fitz. When we finally get to the reunion, the longed-for moment, the culmination of six novels, it is glossed over in two paragraphs and then buried in plot. aces, bless her, said "no," and gave us this beautiful alternative filled with all the joy, sorrow, awkwardness, and hope that the real thing should have had. "Simple Progressions" gives that closure EDA fans were cheated of while also pointing the way forward.
Tags: author: aces, companion: fitz, doctor: 8, rating: all ages, reccer: kseda, type: gen

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