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rec: Nine by Edithmatilda

Story: Nine
Author: Edithmatilda
Rating: None given, but I'd suggest "teen" for language and themes
Word Count: 631
Author's Summary: The Ninth Doctor of People's Hearts.
Characters/Pairings: Nine (other), original companion
Warnings: Self-harm in a tongue-in-cheek context, profanity, twelve-tone composition techniques

Recced because: Edithmatilda's stuff was some of the first I ever read on Teaspoon, back when Five/Tegan was the largest single source of porn in the fandom. Her brilliant Doctor Who and the Bored Game of Death was my first exposure to Fitz and Anji, and I didn't understand how good I had it. So, in the name of AU and adventure (because these are the things that make Doctor Who go 'round), take a short trip back to the days when Doctor Number Nine was whatever you created him to be.

Weirdest are these: It might have been.

Nine is a short, wry, slightly cracked look at companionhood and the Doctor's interests in same, and it's hilarious. As the story itself puts the question: "Why [does] he get mixed up with so many dysfunctional teenagers?"

"Well, I don't know, I really must say..."

The Doctor polished his glasses and frowned at Richey, who was quietly self-mutilating in a corner. "And do stop doing that," he added mildly, "it reflects very badly on my companion-rehabilitating abilities."

"Sorry, Doc," mumbled Richey, putting aside his customised razorblade and idly sketching a provocative self-loathing slogan on his tight, tight T-shirt. "Old habits, y'know..."

The Doctor looked up at Richey over his glasses in an old-fashioned yet oddly attractive way.
"What happened to that tea, by the way?"

"Bourgeois cunt," muttered Richey.
Tags: author: edithmatilda, companion: original, doctor:au, rating: teen, reccer: elliptic_eye, type: gen

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