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languid air

Story: Hero Worship
Author: warinbabylon
Rating: all ages
Word Count: 1,294
Author's Summary: Fitz is forced to ponder his relationship with the Doctor.
Characters/Pairing: Fitz, Anji, Eight, a bit of Fitz/Eight
Warnings: none

Recced because: There's a bit of fanon out there which posits that Fitz is a proto-Rose, a companion whose life is so entwined with the Doctor's that it becomes seemingly impossible to leave. This story has Fitz reluctantly coming to that conclusion himself, and as he's not entirely comfortable with it he tries figuring out why. Does he stay because he has nowhere to go? Or because he feels it is his duty to protect the Doctor from himself? Or is it, and this really blows his mind, love? As with many things there are no easy answers, and the ones we find we may not like.

Why did he stay? Was he that attached? Fitz sat weakly in the arm chair and glanced guiltily at the door to the kitchen. It’s almost like I’m one of those silly schoolgirls mooning and following around their professors, he sighed. Then he shook his head. No, it was different than that. Schoolgirls didn’t have history with their professors and he had history with the Doctor. When he thought of leaving, of getting on with life, he got clammy palms and shook, like jonesing for a fag. Anji, he growled under his breath, I already can’t leave.
Tags: author: warinbabylon, companion: anji, companion: fitz, doctor: 8, pairing: 8/fitz, rating: all ages, reccer: kseda, type: slash

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