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rec: Alias Smith and Jones by kbk

Story: Alias Smith and Jones
Author: kbk
Rating: All ages
Word Count: 1,763
Author's Summary: Sarah Jane meets the Prime Minister.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Jane Smith/Harriet Jones
Warnings: none

Recced because: This does something much better than just setting up a convincing romance: It sets up a convincing friendship. As soon as kbk gets these two women in a room together, we can just feel that these are people who can get past roles and titles and know each other. There's that little frisson that seems to come out naturally from not glossing either character's strong will, there's K-9, there's the complicated spectre of the Doctor in the background, there's dashes of humor, and there's the warmth of comfort and familiarity between two adults out to save the world. There's just no bad here.

Definitely my feel-good rec, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Maybe I have a bit of a thing for good fluff after all.

Eleven days after that, a call comes through inquiring as to whether Ms Smith would be interested in an interview with the Prime Minister. The editor accepts on her behalf, and the news has spread halfway round the office before Sarah answers her phone.

There's gossip, of course, because Sarah isn't in politics and she doesn't do interviews. And there are jealous looks, especially from a features writer who's been trying to get inside the metaphorical Number 10 ever since it was transformed from an unimportant Cabinet member's London offices to the hub of the new government.

Sarah actually ends up a couple of streets away from there, in a private room at a small restaurant. She arrives early and reviews her questions yet again with only a glass of water to soothe her nerves. Her proposed angle, as approved by the press office, is rebuilding: both literal and metaphorical.
Tags: author: kbk, character: harriet jones, companion: sarah, pairing:harriet/sarah, rating: all ages, reccer: elliptic_eye, type: femslash

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