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Rec: The Care and Feeding Of, by Lovechilde

... right, so I thought I recced my last one yesterday but it turned out I did it today just very very early today and oh god I hate time zone differences. Err, have another one!

Story: The Care and Feeding Of
Author: Lovechilde
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 1501
Author's Summary: After the events of Cyberwoman, there is one unofficial member of the team who needs to mend some bridges with Ianto.
Characters/Pairings: Ianto, Myfanwy

Recced because: To be fair, I'm not much into Torchwood fic and only read this because the author's a friend, but this sweet, unusual, well in character story is much more than the obligatory TW rec. Of the sheer amount of fan closure "Cyberwoman" demands, it takes one small, off-beat angle and gives it respect and spirit. It's all very easy to write pterodactyl crack; I think you'll enjoy this one piece of pterodactyl angst/fluff.
Tags: author: lovechilde, rating: all ages, reccer: fantasyjax, torchwood: ianto, torchwood: myfanwy, type: gen

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