ghost2 (ghost2) wrote in calufrax,

rec: wither and die

Story: Wither and Die
Author: LillyRose
Rating: not given, but I'd say All Ages.
Author's summary: It's the little things that remind him that nothing is forever.
Characters/Pairings: Seventh Doctor/Ace
Warnings: none

Recced because: Like I was going to make it through an entire week of reccing without singling out a Seventh Doctor story! I remembered initially finding this vignette on LJ, and was very pleased to see that it had been posted to Teaspoon as well so I could use it. The title is taken from the Tenth Doctor's famous line in School Reunion. Here it's applied to the Seven/Ace relationship, in a completely believable manner. The result is a bittersweet gem about the passage of time and the little defining moments along the way. I love all of it, including the ending. Even though it kind of broke my heart.
Tags: author: lillyrose, companion: ace, doctor: 7, pairing: 7/ace, rating: all ages, reccer: ghost2, type: het
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