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rec: Once Upon A Time by atraphoenix

And 'round we go again! This week I'm going to bring you three authors who haven't been recced here before, and some Big Finish and PDA love. Enjoy!

Story: Once Upon A Time
Author: atraphoenix
Rating: All Ages
Author's summary: Ian Chesterton was a scientist. He wasn’t supposed to believe in fairy tales.
Characters/Pairings: Ian/Barbara
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~1,200 words

Recced because: A beautiful story (written for me!), describing Ian's growth and journey through life and love, and his beliefs. The structure is terrific, with the story spinning out around a core of fairy tales, and using all sorts of little tricks like pointing out the narrative conventions being (currently) subverted. We see the world and Barbara through his eyes – and get to see a kick-ass moment for Barbara – and it's loving, creative, and thoughtful. Poisoned apples, and cursed spinning wheels. No kisses just yet, Ian thinks, waiting for his chance to be the knight on a white horse – or as best as he can be, whatever Barbara needs. Lovely work.
Tags: author: atraphoenix, companion: barbara, companion: ian, pairing:barbara/ian, rating: all ages, reccer: livii, type: het

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