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Rec: A Time for Change by Paranoid Seat

Story: A Time for Change
Author: Paranoid Seat
Rating:All ages
Word Count: 2031
Author's Summary: One of the greatest art galleries in the galaxy, a Time Lord who maintains it by routinely breaking the Laws of Time, a woman who was once Pharaoh, and a job offer.
Characters/Pairings: Erimem, Braxiatel
Warnings: Since this has been Jossed since it was first written.
Recced because: This is a lovely What If? fic for what could've happened to Erimem after leaving the Doctor and Peri. It feels spot on as to how Erimem would have reacted to the situation. Braxiatel is spot on (from the little I've heard of him) and overall it's a very enjoyable fic.

Somehow, she’s not afraid - just curious. A little apprehensive, yes, and she doesn’t fully trust this man, but he seems to be doing his best not to alarm her (although there are no holds barred on making her paranoid) so she just waits patiently for the journey to end. It’s not the first time she’s accepted a lift from a stranger - although the last one did save her life first. The man talks to her occasionally on the short journey, and she tries to wrestle some clue to his identity from him, but he’s tight-lipped and smirking. So far, all she knows is that he is an associate of someone called Irving Braxiatel, although his lips twitch at the word ‘associate’, enough to make her suspicious of him. He’s taking her to the Braxiatel Collection - the name rings a bell, but she can’t remember where from. No doubt the Doctor mentioned it at some point; an intended destination they never actually reached.

Tags: author: paranoid seat, character: braxiatel, companion: erimem, rating: all ages, reccer: amaresu, type: gen

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