Worrals (livii) wrote in calufrax,

Rec: Photocopy by agapi42

Story: Photocopy
Author: agapi42
Rating: All Ages
Author's summary: A smudge of ink and the story changes. (Spoilers for the PDA The Time Travellers.)
Characters/Pairings: Ian/Barbara, First Doctor
Warnings: none
Word Count: ~ 1,200 words

Recced because: This is heart-breaking and beautiful. The story is actually about another Ian – one from an alternate timeline in the BBC PDA book The Time Travellers. It's a fantastic book, and a fantastic hook for a fic, and we see the options – what could have been, the slight alteration, the smudge of ink, the wedding ring. As always, this Ian is strong, moral, funny, and in love with Barbara through all his iterations. Lovingly written, I think this would be enjoyable without having read the book, because it's so Ian, and his love, and his hope, and his amazingly large heart.
Tags: author: agapi42, companion: barbara, companion: ian, doctor: 1, pairing:barbara/ian, rating: all ages, reccer: livii, type: het

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