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'Valentine's Day, This Year' by koshiroryuu

... and here's today's fic of choice from the_magpye.

Story: Valentine's Day, This year
Author: koshiroryuu
Rating: All ages
Author's summary: How do you hold a memorial for people who don't even remember they died?
Characters/Pairings: Martha Jones
Warnings: None, except for a tissue warning for the soft-hearted. Like me. ^^
Word Count: 2441

Recced because: When I first read this story, on Valentine's Day of last year, I cried. Unashamedly. And I freely admit it too, because this is such a beautiful, wonderful, heart-wrenching piece of writing that I feel like I can admit it without looking totally stupid.

This story looks at a moment in the life of Martha Jones post-LotTL that could well have happened, on Valentine's Day the second time it happened. Or as koshiroryuu puts it: 'Martha Jones is one of the very few people who remembers the first time this year happened, the first time the world had a Valentine's Day this year.'

I hold this fic wholly responsible for making me like Martha more than I did originally. Hands up, I didn't really like her that much when she first arrived on the scene, but now I put that down to being devastated over the S2 finale. This fic put Martha right up with Rose and Donna and Sarah-Jane and all the others, where she deserves to be. I can't even begin to describe the good points about it, because I can't distinguish the good from the even better and the excellent.

So, all I can say to anyone reading this is: go and click on the link-title at the top. Read it. Review it. And enjoy it. Now.
Tags: author: koshiroryuu, companion: martha, rating: all ages, reccer: the_magpye, type: gen

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