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Rec: Transit of Venus

Story: Transit of Venus
Author: LilacFree
Rating: not given, but it's got to be All Ages
Author's summary: Who are you when you're not the man you used to be? Who created the Universe? And can a girl who was raised to be a human computer find happiness in a commune with a boy in a skirt and a Beatle in a gi?
Characters/Pairings: Second Doctor, Jamie, Zoe
Warnings: none

Recced because: It's cute and sweet, in the best possible way. First there are looks at Jamie, Zoe, and the Doctor as individuals, where each character considers an issue unique to his or her situation. Then there's group interaction that shows what an incredible team these three make. No mortal danger or running for their lives; just nice character work. And if you ever wondered where the Doctor learned Venusian aikido, here's your answer. After reading this story, my first impulse was to go and watch the Second Doctor serials I haven't yet seen.
Tags: author: lilacfree, companion: jamie, companion: zoe, doctor: 2, rating: all ages, reccer: ghost2, type: gen

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