The poster girl for squee! (...aka Cleo.) (silly_cleo) wrote in calufrax,
The poster girl for squee! (...aka Cleo.)

rec: the bits with daleks

Story: The Bits With Daleks
Author: Ninamazing
Rating: All ages.
Word Count: 863
Author's Summary: She built four different kinds of vortex manipulator, then took the circuits apart and turned it all into a device for producing perfectly browned toast — which, if she thought about it, really seemed like something the Doctor might do.
Characters/Pairings: Fourth Doctor, Romana II
Warnings: Again, none given.

Recced because: This is set right after 'Destiny of the Daleks' and it's a short look at what Romana might have been feeling after her various experiences with Daleks in that episode and it's rather lovely. Her reactions are, imho, completely in character. This is just a reallly nice little character introspection and also some very well done hurt/comfort. Some of the imagery used is gorgeous and I really feel that if Romana were to freak out over anything, it'd look an awful lot like this.
Tags: author: ninamazing, companion: romana ii, doctor: 4, rating: all ages, reccer: silly_cleo, type: gen

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